Global Shipping Services ordered Hyundai forklifts

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Hyundai forklifts Global Shipping Services Hessle 

Hyundai Forklifts were the first Port of Call for Global Shipping Services 

Global Shipping Services is a privately-owned Stevedoring company based on the Humber Estuary, which was established in 1989, following the reform of the UK docks industry.  The company was part of a PLC up until 1997 when two directors of the company completed a management buyout.  On 1st September, this year former Global Shipping operations director, Peter Waud and Darran Richardson finalized another management buyout and now jointly own the company.

Ten New Forklifts in the Global Shipping Services Fleet
Global Shipping have recently expanded their fleet and have taken out a contract hire for ten new Hyundai forklifts, through Yorkshire based Hyundai distributor Hessle Fork Trucks.  The order comprised four diesel 50D-9 five tons machines, which were the very first machines of this model type to be delivered into the UK, two five tons 50DA-9 machines and four 3.5 tons diesel 35D-9 trucks, in a deal approaching £650,000 in value.  The larger forklifts are working at Immingham Docks and one 5 tons and the four smaller 3.5 tons machines are operating at Goole Docks in East Yorkshire.

All ten machines are currently handling timber at Immingham and Goole - discharging ships and loading road vehicles.  The machines operate on average eight hours per day and although the machines are new to the company the initial feedback has been very good.  “The machines are very substantial and are well-made and look to be a solid piece of kit” reported Global Shipping managing director, Peter Waud.  “The operators like 

working with the machines – they say they are driver friendly and very responsive.  The visibility from the cab is also excellent which is an important safety aspect.” Added Waud.

No hassle with Hessle
Waud said, “We first met with Hessle about a year and half ago although I have known Gary Hawkhead from the company for many years.  We ran predominantly Toyota machines, prior to Hyundai, but the Toyota dealer we worked with stopped dealing in the brand.  Therefore, we dealt directly with the manufacturer – however we found that this did not work for us – so we began to look at alternative suppliers and machines. Hessle came up with a proposal that was right for both companies.”

“We did not know the Hyundai product very well, although we had some experience with a couple of machines.” Added Waud. “We also spoke with Hyundai’s head office in Belgium and the European sales manager, Gino Van der Auwera, came over from Belgium and spoke with us about the product and provided lots of valuable information.  Signing the deal with Hessle for the Hyundai machines seemed the right thing to do. In doing so we managed to agree a deal from a price, commitment and service level point of view that would work for both Global Shipping and Hessle. Hyundai have a good reputation in all aspects – including vehicles and construction machinery – so I feel we made the right decision.”
Gary Hawkhead, director of the Hessle Industrial Division commented, “Having personally worked with Peter, the Global Shipping team and other port operators for over 15-years we (Hessle) have a full understanding of how to deliver a first-class solution. This is built on providing the highest quality materials handling equipment and an excellent and dedicated 

service support package. This coupled with our strong financial backing enables us to offer the flexibility to accommodate the client’s business requirements now and in the future, which offers Global Shipping piece of mind in an advancing shipping industry.”

Future purchases
Waud concluded, “What will drive future purchases and commitment to Hyundai will be the reliability of the machines over the coming years and the back-up service that Hessle provide – but early indications from using the Hyundai’s and our dealings with Hessle are very positive.”

Hyundai forklifts Global Shipping Services Hessle

Global Shipping Services – the company
In its current form, Global Shipping Services, operate as terminal operators, stevedores and warehouse keepers.  The company handle in the region of 1.5 million units of break-bulk cargo per annum and is now one of the major operators in break-bulk cargo in the Humber Ports of Immingham, Hull and Goole. Global Shipping Services handles general cargo such as forest products, steel, casework, heavy-Lift, project cargo, bags, and pure bulk.

It is Global Shipping Services responsibility to change the mode of transport – for example -  for imports the cargo will come in on a sea vessel the company will then discharge the vessel, store the cargo and later dispatch the cargo via road or rail.  The company also work this process in reverse for exports.  Global Shipping customers include shipping lines, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and manufacturers.



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