Compact Excavators

The enclosed work spaces encountered in urban environments ask for smart solutions in all possible applications. That’s why Hyundai has one of the broadest ranges of compact machines in the industry. You can easily customize them to fit seamlessly into your operations, offering you optimal versatility at an attractive price.


Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators

With their small footprint, low cost, and precise operation, Hyundai mini excavators have won over contractors in a big way.

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Hyundai mini excavator R55-9A

Midi Excavators

Discover Hyundai's comfortable, reliable and smooth handling midi excavators. Perfect for all jobs where a regular sized excavator won’t fit in.

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Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders

The all-round workhorse for the small and challenging jobs in tight spaces. Not a nice to have but a need to have.

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Construction Equipment

An operator, who takes pleasure in his work, does a better job. That is why we at Hyundai Heavy Industries do everything we can to make that happen. We merged operator's comfort, speed, precision and durability into a quality product. Hyundai HX and HL Series earthmoving equipment simply makes time fly, makes work a pleasure!


Crawler Excavators

Available with many options, our crawler excavators are flexible and suited for a wide variety of applications.

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Wheeled Excavators

The wheeled excavators of Hyundai have been designed for maximum versatility and with a high road speed.

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Wheel loaders

Transporting a load over small to medium distances is the forte of wheel loaders. They also move easily between job sites on their own.

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A forklift operator, who takes pleasure in his work, does a better job. That is why we at Hyundai Heavy Industries do everything we can to make that happen. We merged operator preference, fast precision and lasting performance into a quality product. Hyundai's forklifts simply make time fly, makes work a pleasure!

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Warehouse equipment

To complete our Forklift Truck range, Hyundai now launches new warehouse equipment. Now you can rely on Hyundai quality for all your warehousing needs from electric pallet trucks to stackers, tow trucks and reach trucks.

Pallet trucks

Small, manoevrable, with load capacity up to 2,2 tons, Hyundai's electric pallet trucks are ideally suited for your warehousing needs.

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Pallet Stackers

With few space and packed warehouses, precision and manoevrability is the key. Discover Hyundai's full range of Pallet Stackers and lifters.

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Reach trucks

The Hyundai reach trucks are rugged, productive, lean-and-mean lifting machines.

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Tow trucks

Maximize the productivity of your business with Hyundai's full range of powerful and agile electric towing and platform trucks. Discover them now.

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