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Low-Ground-Pressure Hyundai R210LC-9 Excavators

Thursday 27 March 2014 • Local Dealer News

low ground pressure hyundai r210lc 9 excavators

Drew Graham Contracting bought two Hyundai R210LC-9 excavators specially adapted for low-ground pressure circumstances. The 21 tons excavators were adjusted by the company JCC and delivered by Scottish Hyundai dealer Youngplant.

Work on the 21 tons excavators included lengthening the track frame by 50% and widening it to three metres. Once the track frame had been installed and strengthened where required, the next part of the job involved fabricating the track pads.

Because the design was for tailor-made pads, they had to be engineered specifically to the correct tolerances and to 1600mm wide each side. Due to the nature of the width, both design and engineering had to ensure the strength remained in the pads with the hard facing seams at the correct intervals and additional half links and rollers to support the weight.

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